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Internet Marketing tasks at Bresee Chevrolet
My primary role was to create sales from the Internet. There was no site, no Internet sales, no emails, nothing.  I was given complete authority to create the concept site, work with the President to improve the test site, launch the site, monitor traffic, refine the GUI(user interface), generate reports, teach the staff procedures and processes and more.

Sales driven by the Internet went from 0% of sales volume to greater than 35% of store volume. Prior to my arrival, the Chevrolet Store was consistently in 2nd or 3rd place in monthly sales contests in the marketing district (13 stores total). The store has been consistently in 1st place for for the last 12-18 months

As part of my business process, I created a post sale survey to see just how many buyers used our web site as part of the buying/shopping process. By year #2, nearly 30% of the shoppers had used the site that I built to find their car.  By year #3, the refinements continued, we had completely remodeled the site to be “Optimized for Search Engines”. Our survey found that greater than 35% were using our site AND an amazing 17% of the BUYERs were from over 45minutes away (with no other out of town advertising)

My secondary role was one I vollenteered for. My assistant and I significantly reduced the expenses paid to a 3rd party computer service vendor AND we upgraded and maintained every one of the 63 Computer stations in the facility.  Computer Service vendor expenses dropped by >95% and we upgraded all of the 63 stations for $800 less per unit than the lowest quote.  On my recommendation,  We also took the 20+ ink jet printers out and replaced them with 6 networked laser printers.