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Other Stuff
I added a wireless network to the existing Local Area Network.
I created an in-house video broadcast network
I created in house video content for the network

In my tenure, I have opened nearly a dozen retail stores from scratch.  From property analysis, to acquisition, layout design, to remodeling, to custom display design, to staffing, to ordering inventory and promotion.  

Pick -a- Rep.
Customers stress over the Dealerships process.  If the customer can choose their car, why not their rep?  Click Here to see my 1st draft.  The idea was to place a "choose your rep" icon on the final product page where the customer may have found a vehicle they're interested in. The idea is to make the reps look NOT like a sales reptiles (aka humor).

Listen while you shop (goal: hold shoppers longer & add new experience to reinforce visit)

Internal Communications

Body Shop Status (goal: Post progress reports & photos on each car each AM to reduce phone traffic)

Customer calls on a unit, rep needs to add more interest and has a suggestion for another choice.  Rep offers to send a web tour of his choice.  Customer and rep stay connected adding another layer of value for customer. (email form presents customer with tour that has their name on the top and reps contact info just below.)


Custom Vehicles

Odd Balls