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My current projects have me deeply involved  in the Automotive Industry.
10/04/07 Auto-Blog is just taking shape. It's built specifically for SEO with an aim to be a lead harvesting tool. I'll be populating it with content over the next few weeks, stop by and we'll see if it has legs!

I've been a visionary in the Automobile Industry for decades. The Internet landed in my lap right after I sold one of my most famous Automotive stores back in '94.  I've been workin' the Net since then.  

Although I am currently booked for most of 2007, but if you have a idea, task or project,  go ahead and email me.  We can discuss your long term needs and begin to lay the ground work for a killer 2008.  

If you have a project and would like to discuss it, please feel free to email me at:

Warmest Regards,
  Joseph Pistell
    Syracuse, NY

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Web Design - Search Engine Optimization Specialist - Small Business Consultant
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